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Matt sought our assistance in launching his new personal training business. Although he was ready to enter the fitness industry as a personal trainer, he had yet to establish his digital presence. Our initial tasks included creating the Active4you brand, designing a website, and establishing a compelling social media presence to promote his venture.

During the brand development phase, we collaborated with Matt to explore his desired aesthetic, colour schemes, and logo design. Matt made a quick decision on the drafts we presented and we transitioned to the creation of his website.

In order to enhance the visual appeal of his website and social media profiles, Matt scheduled a photoshoot with us, ensuring the availability of high quality, engaging content. Utilising our photos and designs, we crafted a bespoke website featuring a home page, about us page, and contact page, all meticulously composed with SEO and user friendliness in mind.

Armed with a visually appealing and search engine optimised website, Matt was poised to digitally launch his business. To kickstart his social media presence, we designed an initial series of high quality posts. Matt has since maintained an ongoing collaboration with us, ensuring a consistent delivery of engaging, premium content to captivate his audience.

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