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Kate contacted us with big plans to launch a new site dedicated to helping people write the perfect cv for their desired industries. We worked with her to come up with a plan which involved a complete brand design and functional website that did everything it needed to.

We began work on some different looks for My Professional CV. We needed something clean, professional and eye catching. We had the same ideas for the logo. Both these came very quickly and once it had been checked through by Kate, we got to work on the website.

We also created an online shop to make it easy for Kate’s customer’s to pick the packages they need and speed up the process for them. This has worked really well and My Professional CV has launched with a bang! The SEO optimised website that we created for Kate is already ranked exceptionally high for the relevant search terms. This has been a really enjoyable process. We also has the site hosted on our super fast servers so ensure that Kate’s customer’s are never waiting around.

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