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Rob came to us with very ambitious ideas for a new website for Red CCTV. The colour scheme was obvious but making it look so sleek without it being too overbearing was a challenge we overcame. We needed a professional look that showed potential customers how trustworthy Red CCTV are. 

We were also tasked with designing a new logo. We were told that it needed to include the company title along with a symbol or separate logo that could be used throughout the website. We provided Red CCTV with 3 separate concepts. It was a tough choice for them but the logo you see today is the one that was chosen.

Security solutions is a competitive industry so it was very important for the new website to be SEO optimised. This worked well as the new website went live with a bang and has been performing very well ever since. 

We also host the website for Red CCTV. We have lighting fast servers that we use to host websites so anybody who click the link through to Red CCTV is immediately presented with what they want to see. 

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